5 Signs Your Child Needs a High-Impact Tutor

Nov 8, 2021 | Parents, Tutors

In a recent article, we defined high-impact tutoring and discussed the benefits of hiring a high-impact tutor for your child. If you’re still unsure if your child might need more help to achieve optimal academic success, scroll below to discover the 5 signs that your child needs a high-impact tutor and then review our tips for finding one:

1. Your child is falling behind in school

If your child struggles to grasp basic concepts and topics, making it near impossible for them to understand complex ideas, they may benefit from a high-impact tutor. Your child may also not be at the same level as his or her peers in class, a disadvantage which tends to get worse as each academic year passes by. But with high-impact learning sessions, they’ll receive personalized materials to fill in the gaps.

2. Your child lacks the right learning tools

You may also notice that your child lacks certain learning tools and techniques necessary to expand their understanding across multiple subjects. A high-impact tutor can teach your child specific tips and tricks to keep up with learning demands. Having high-impact tutoring means there’s an expert who can heighten your child’s ability to build a strong learning foundation with the best tools at their disposal.

3. Your child struggles with focusing in class

Does your child have a hard time focusing in school? Perhaps they’re easily distracted in a classroom full of other students, or maybe you notice they’ve been consistently missing important lectures? With the help of high-impact tutoring, your child can review the lessons at their own pace, and learn how to maximize their attention span and improve their focus so they can better retain their lessons.

4. Your child is gearing up for exams

If your child is about to take an important entrance or national exam, he or she will need extra help to study the necessary topics and subjects included in the tests. High-impact tutoring sessions can give pointed materials to cover all grounds and a high-impact tutor can ensure that your child has an optimal chance of succeeding at their exams.

2. Your child is highly curious and enjoys in-depth learning

Does your child enjoy learning new things independently? Do their current classroom structures not provide the environment for them to explore subjects in depth? With high-impact tutoring sessions, your child can truly chase his or her curiosities and help them achieve a more in-depth understanding of the subjects they seem particularly passionate about. 

Tips for Parents Looking for the Best High-Impact Tutor

The benefits of high-impact tutoring are clear, but how does one find the best high-impact tutor or high-impact tutoring companies? Let’s look at the ways you can identify one that will help your child optimize their education:

  • Find tutors who will build personal relationships with your child. The best high-impact tutor will personalize learning approaches and materials, incorporating your child’s interests with their academic needs. They’ll also teach according to the student’s strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.

  • Find tutors who are good listeners and communicators—both with you and your child. Collaboration is key to success. You want your high-impact tutor to set goals, create benchmarks, and plan backward to set your child up for the best academic outcomes.

  • Find tutors with specific expertise. Depending on your child’s needs, you want to find a tutor who can help fill the gaps in your child’s knowledge. High-impact tutors should engage with your child, providing opportunities for stimulating, hands-on work instead of boring lessons and worksheets. 

Ask potential tutors how they plan to measure the growth and progress of your child, and how they plan to check in with you. More than just another teacher, high-impact tutors are long-term partners in your child’s academic success.

Learning loss is not just an issue for children, it affects adults as well. The longer their gaps in learning remain unaddressed, the more difficult it becomes for children to recover and go back to school. Parents also feel this strain, because they only want the best for their children. So, to help your child succeed in school, consider engaging a high-impact tutor.

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