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Grant funding is available and we can help!

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With over 65 million in grant funding available, Accelerate was launched to support high-impact tutoring in public education. If you have a funded contract to serve High Impact Tutoring to an underserved population of Pk-12 students, you may be eligible for their grant funding, which can be used to cover the cost of Pearl. We partner with companies to help them access that funding.

About the Accelerate.us program:

“Accelerate will fund and support innovation in schools. It will provide district and state education leaders, as well as nonprofit organizations and other partners, with technical assistance rooted in an evidence base of how high-impact tutoring can be most effectively implemented, as well as scaled. It will also seek to assemble a national and state policy agenda that can ensure long-term funding and sustainability for high-impact tutoring that is grounded in best practices, including as demonstrated by high-quality, original research.”

-from the Accelerate website

Why Pearl?

  • Pearl’s tutor intelligence platform will provide your program the technical scaffolding for tutor operations while consistently collecting data across in-person and online instruction.
  • The Pearl platform encompasses fully integrated tools that are required to efficiently launch, manage, and report on High-Impact Tutoring programs at scale
  • The Pearl platform provides your program with robust data collection and the reporting tools needed to prove the efficacy of our work and create sustainability in your programs. 
  • Easily share your data to the Accelerates’ required research body, the Annenberg Institute (NSSA) at Brown University.
  • Pearl has two agreements in place with The Annenberg Institute as follows:
    • A broad Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA). This RCA includes how Annenberg (and the NSSA) act as subject matter experts when Pearl plans to build data-related product features.
    • A data sharing agreement allows opted-in SEAs and tutoring enterprises to funnel tutor data to our team for research directly.

Interested if you are eligible?

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