Pearl’s virtual classroom helped I Heart Learning Academy tutors focus on the creative demands of multisensory teaching


Michelle Roy and her team of instructors at I Heart Learning Academy in Dallas, TX, fill a special niche in the world of tutoring: they specialize in multisensory instruction for special needs students, including those with dyslexia and ADHD. 


Conventional reading instruction does not work for kids with dyslexia. These students need (and deserve) qualified one-on-one multisensory instruction to engage and empower them to succeed. The arrival of COVID-19 has made it even more challenging for kids with dyslexia. Michelle and her team had to figure out how to deliver their life-altering services with the new barrier of virtual instruction.

The Pearl Solution: 

To help I Heart Learning Academy serve its mission of providing premier literary instruction to all students, Pearl provided I Heart Learning Academy with a hybrid tutoring platform that made the transition from in-person to online as frictionless as could be. 

Pearl’s tutoring software, which includes an easy-to-use online classroom, and business tools like scheduling and notifications, enables I Heart Learning Academy tutors to focus on the creative demands of teaching in a multisensory manner without disruption – which is essential to maintaining the student’s attention.

I Heart Learning Academy successfully increased their tutoring sessions one hundredfold thanks to Pearl.