Launched in the midst of the pandemic, Learner is a tutoring company focused on math instruction, with a mission to unlock learning potential through mastery and passion. Learner matches the right tutor with every individual child based on that student’s needs. 


Learner CEO Mike Brown Was ready to launch a new tutoring company but lacked the infrastructure that was going to be able to help him scale his virtual tutoring business. Mike came to Pearl (then known as Trilogy Mentors)  too see if the Pearl platform could help them scale throughout a period of high growth at his company. As more and more tutors joined Learner, the company was struggling with expanding the company efficiently and needed a technology partner to help them scale. 

The Pearl solution: 

Pearl’s tutoring software was put to use as an education management tool for Mike’s skyrocketing tutoring business.  Thanks to the Pearl platform’s ease of use, Learner scaled quickly and is already facilitating over 100,000 minutes of instruction a month through the platform.  surpassing 100 tutoring sessions in the first five weeks of launch.

Students, tutors, and parents could access the Pearl platform seamlessly, which allowed for optimally effective teaching time, a central tenet of Learner’s business. With Pearl, Learner’s tutors could also deliver timely feedback to students and parents and all tutoring sessions are recorded to enhance learning. Learner is now one of the fastest-growing organizations on the platform and is a testament to what can happen when you partner with Pearl. 

VIRTUAL SUMMIT: "The Future of High-Impact Tutoring with AI" | June 5 from 12-3 pm ET
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