ESSER Funds spending deadline approaching

Sep 25, 2023 | News

Original source: ABC57 South Bend, IN

Schools across the country have a little less than a year to use remaining pandemic relief funds.ESSER Funds supported schools financially during the pandemic through the CARES Act of 2020.

As of July 2023, FutureEd says Indiana has spent 51% of ESSER funds, while Michigan has spent 61%.
Most states have used around 60% of their funds on average, leaving less than a year to make a spending plan before the money expires in September 2024.

FutureEd also reported in 2022 that almost half of school districts and charter schools planned to use ESSER funds towards tutoring programs.

Pearl is a tutoring platform that works with states and districts, helping to launch high-impact tutoring programs. These programs support long-term academic growth and help to curve the learning loss from the pandemic, which is a loss no other generation has really seen before.

Unfortunately, schools will need to find other ways to fund these crucial programs soon. There are 3 main funding buckets states can use to extend programs. Title 1 Funding focuses on schools experiencing a level of poverty to help students meet state academic standards.

Title 2 funding focuses on teacher development. It helps bring potential teachers into the classroom and give them real practice through tutoring.

The third is Part B of IDEA Funding, focused on students with disabilities.

To read more about the learning loss in the U.S, visit USA Today’s website.