Viable Paths to Tutor Program Sustainability

Sep 29, 2023 | News

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The recent report “Beyond Recovery: Funding High-Impact Tutoring for the Long Term,” created in collaboration with the Federal Education Group, is a timely and essential document that tackles one of the most urgent challenges in the educational landscape today. At Pearl, we are constantly helping our partners capture the data to prove efficacy.  But, beyond that, leveraging the efficacy data to build pathways for sustainability is yet another matter.

Schools must grapple with the financial implications of sustaining the programs that have proven most effective in mitigating the pandemic’s impact on learning. High-impact tutoring stands out as one of those strategies, and this report provides valuable insights into how schools can navigate the murky waters of educational funding post-COVID and post-ESSER.

Apply for an ESSER extension. More information on that HERE.