On June 22, 2022, Nate Casey, Chief Strategy Officer of Pearl hosted a webinar with two brilliant minds from ServeMinnesota: Peter Nelson Ph.D., VP of Impact and Innovation, and David Parker Ph.D., VP of Research and Development.  The discussion dives deep into how high-impact tutoring is contributing to closing the gap between education research and practice. The webinar also addresses how tutoring has become increasingly part of the K12 experience.

 Key insights covered in this webinar:

  • How the Math Corps program plays a key role in getting high-quality math instruction delivered straight to students
  • How AmeriCorps-based tutoring programs serve as a model for intelligent data-based decision making
  • How the Reading Corps program is leading educational research on how to help students maintain reading skills 
  • How tutoring could become a core right in K12 education
  • The opportunities to bridge the research-practice gap in education in the United States

A slightly different format from our previous Pearls of Wisdom webinar series, this discussion takes a learning approach and is made available to a broader audience.

About ServeMinnesota

ServeMinnesota is a catalyst for positive social impact, working with AmeriCorps and community partners to address critical needs in Minnesota and share proven practices nationally. ServeMinnesota uses data-driven solutions to tackle problems in educational achievement, economic opportunity, housing stability, recovery from substance use disorders, climate mitigation, and more.  

This webinar will be most beneficial to the following groups of organizations: 

  • SEA and LEA officials organizing high-impact tutoring programs
  • School district administrators
  • Teachers of all subjects areas
  • Researchers in education
  • Leaders involved in education philanthropy 
  • University officials with rosters of Education degree-seeking students
  • Tutor programming coordinators (for-profit and non-profit)

Webinar details: 

  • Title: Can High-Impact Tutoring Close the Gap Between Education Research and Practice? 
  • Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A time) 
  • Questions? Email nate@tutorwithpearl.com 
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