On January 18, 2022, Nate Casey, CRO of enterprise tutoring platform Pearl, and Susanna Loeb, Director of the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, held an information-packed webinar on high-dosage tutoring. 

Key insights we covered in the webinar: 

  • Overview of the Annenberg Institute, their National Student Support Accelerator program
  • The state of education in the US today, especially in light of COVID-19 learning loss
  • How to mitigate learning loss
  • What is high-dosage (or high-impact) tutoring 
  • Discover the evidence-based benefits of high-dosage tutoring and overview of Susanna Loeb’s co-written article on Implementing High-Impact Tutoring at Scale
  • Learn what your organization needs to do to implement high-dosage tutoring

You may have already heard about high-dosage tutoring, also known as high-impact tutoring. The aim of high-dosage tutoring is to provide frequent tutoring sessions to address learning gaps and accelerate student learning. With this webinar, you can learn the science-backed benefits of high-dosage tutoring and how to implement and scale high-impact tutoring effectively.

The effect of COVID-19 on the education sector is unprecedented and still not fully understood. What is clear is that the pandemic has created significant learning loss across the board. High-dosage tutoring is one of the few data-backed solutions to the 2020-2022 learning loss crisis and is quickly becoming the most powerful tool in addressing the educational gaps that students are facing. 

Who would benefit from watching this webinar?

This webinar will be most beneficial to the following groups of organizations: 

  • Enterprise tutoring companies (tutoring organizations with 100+ instructors)
  • Education companies expanding into tutoring 
  • State-run tutoring agencies
  • Non-profit tutoring programs

Webinar hosts: 

Pearl’s Chief Revenue Officer, Nate Casey, discussed high-dosage tutoring with Susanna Loeb, the Director of the Annenberg Institute at Brown University. Loeb is an expert in educational policy and has done extensive research on tutoring’s impact on students. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics and an MPP in Public Policy from the University of Michigan.


VIRTUAL SUMMIT: "The Future of High-Impact Tutoring with AI" | June 5 from 12-3 pm ET
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