On February 25, 2022, Nate Casey, CRO of enterprise tutoring platform Pearl, and Patrick Steck, Senior Director of Policy at Deans for Impact explored tutor hiring and training best practices, as well the current teacher shortage across our country.  

Key insights covered in this new Pearls of Wisdom webinar:

  • Overview of Deans for Impact, advisors to nationwide tutoring programs, and their observations on the tutoring industry today
  • Discussing the nationwide teacher shortage
  • How to build a roster of the right tutors for your tutoring organization 
  • How do we mitigate the risks of hiring tutors too quickly to meet the deadlines of ARP Esser funding
  • Best practices for vetting tutors
  • Assessing a tutor’s quality and their success with their students 
  • How tutoring might become a standard part of becoming an educator in the future

For organizations rolling out grant-funded tutoring programs or applying to help support school districts, hiring and retaining great tutors is a challenge. Deans for Impact works to ensure that every beginning teacher is good on day one, and on the path to becoming great over time. Their organization connects with leaders of educator-preparation programs, helping them to transform their programs, sustaining these transformations over time, and influencing policy that affects their work.

Patrick Steck is the Senior Director of Policy for Deans for Impact. Prior to joining the Deans for Impact team, Patrick served as a legislative assistant in the Texas Legislature. 

This webinar will be most beneficial to the following groups of organizations: 

  • Enterprise tutoring companies (tutoring organizations with 100+ instructors)
  • Education companies expanding into tutoring
  • State-run tutoring agencies
  • Non-profit tutoring programs