On Sept 21, 2022, Nate Casey, Chief Strategy Officer of enterprise tutoring platform Pearl, hosted a webinar to review the failings of on-demand homework help across the past academic year. He then takes the audience through how Pearl and its partners used research to remake the model.

Covered in this webinar:

  • What is the pre-COVID history of on-demand homework help, and what do we know from past research about its effectiveness? 
  • Why did states and districts choose on-demand homework help in the last school year?
  • What insights do we have about why on-demand homework failed in its most recent iteration?
  • What was the process of leveraging subject-matter-experts, researchers, data, and qualitative evidence to reinvent the model?
  • A live demonstration of the new approach showing how on-demand video, relationship-focused support, and layered communication will change everything we know about the model.
  • What research is Pearl planning in the coming school year to prove the new model works?

This webinar takes a learning approach and be available to a broader audience. The session will be shorter than the past session (a 20-minute presentation with 10 minutes open for Q&A from the live audience)

Pearl’s Dedication to Research

The Annenberg Institute and the National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) supply the standard data Pearl leverages across the platform, including data collection post-session and regular surveying across all user types (students, tutors, parents, and administrators). Pearl allows all of its partners to opt-in to share their data (through Pearl) with the Annenberg Institute (NSSA). For example, this will enable partners a streamlined process for The Annenberg Institute (NSSA) to receive tutor-related research data. 

This webinar will be most beneficial to the following groups of organizations: 

  • SEA and LEA officials organizing tutoring or on-demand academic support programs
  • School district administrators
  • Teachers of all subjects areas
  • Researchers in education
  • Leaders involved in education philanthropy 
  • Tutor programming coordinators (for profit and non-profit)

Questions? Email nate@tutorwithpearl.com

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